• I’ve been on the thinner side my whole life (thanks to stress). I’ve never had to go on a diet or meal plan to lose weight. I just had to practice self-control, and voilà.

    It always bugged me when someone would decide to go on a diet, they would receive encouragement from everybody. But if I dared say I wanted to start working out or eat better, I was always given the side eye.

    We are all made different. God is a God of variety. And I’m allowed to make healthy choices, even if I’m “thin”.

    But the reason why I’m doing this is NOT because I want to loose weight. It’s because I want to see a change in my skin. That’s my focus.

    I started my journey to healthy eating on April 10th, 2022. Here’s what I’m aiming for:

    • Drink water more often

    • No cow milk (I’m allowing myself to eat a “healthier” version of cheese, and a few other milk derivatives).

    • Whole wheat bread and pasta

    • Using vegan recipes (yes, I’m still going to eat eggs and meat)

    • Snacks low in fat and sugar

    There’s nothing set in stone. There’s actually a lot of leeway, so technically I can’t call this a diet. It’s more of “watching what you eat” but at the same time ENJOYING what you eat (don’t ask me to eat tofu on its own).

    Basically, I’m trying my best to stay away from potato chips.

  • We’re all shook after hearing and seeing what’s going on in Ukraine.

    To be honest, all of this is very confusing to me. I didn’t pay enough attention in my History classes in High School, and I’m ashamed to admit it. What I should know, I don’t.

    Here’s what I mostly remember learning about: the native americans, the pyramids, and the “fight” between Upper and Lower Canada… Don’t ask me about Canada’s Coat of Arms – I don’t remember what that’s for…

    While I fully agree that learning about your country’s beginnings is important, I find I missed out on a lot of “World History”. So when I hear about China, Russia, or even the USA sometimes, my mind goes blank. The information that goes around overwhelmes me.

    I just wish I knew who did what, when, how… You know, to be able to follow along. But I guess it’s up to me to start somewhere! So, I’m probably going to start reading some historical books…

    FACT: I never read The Journal Of Anne Frank, can you believe it 😮

    What do you remember the most from your History class?

  • I never liked taking baths… that is until the hubs bought me a bathtub caddy. And now, these are a few of my favorite things!

    Here’s what you will need (hopefully you have most of these items already on hand):

    • Warm/hot bath filled to the brim (or not)
    • Bath pillow
    • Bathtub caddy
    • Your favorite drink (iced, preferably)
    • Book, playlist, or podcast (whichever you feel like in the moment)
    • 1/2 cup Baking soda
    • 1 cup Epsom salt
    • Few drops of essential oil
    • Facial mask (optional)
    • Candle (optional)

    The hardest part, is finding the time. You’re most likely going to have to “book” it – especially if you have kids or a very busy schedule.

    Obviously, the easiest time (for me, anyways) is when the girls are in bed, asleep. But if you’re able to squeeze some time during the day, do it – even if it’s for 30 min.

    There you have it! A short & sweet little spa escape, in the comfort of your home, with natural ingredients.

  • Dear Journal,

    Where to begin, eh?!

    It’s been a hot topic for a while. Staged homes, filters, colour coordinated feeds, etc. everything seem so “perfect”. I admit it, I am guilty of all those things (except for the staged home… if you know me, you know my house isn’t very Pinterest-y).

    Surely the person’s life is as perfect as their social media. What we see is what we get, right?!

    Well, the truth is:

    What you see is what you don’t get.

    When I come across a “perfect” profile, I cringe at first. Why? I don’t really know. But I’ve come to realize that there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes that we don’t see. Hours of planning, taking loads of pictures only to choose one, writing, editing, etc. It’s even more intense when Instagram is used for business purposes. You can’t judge a book by its cover, so you can’t judge a person by their feed.

    But still, we’re so quick to compare ourselves, sometimes unconsciously. Thankfully, people are starting to open up more by showing glimpses of their day-to-day lives. I love coming across someone’s page and getting a “real person” vibe, though. After all, aren’t we all human who have good AND bad days?

    That’s why transparency and honesty are very important to me. I want to be the “What you see is what you get” person. I’m choosing the not-so-perfect pictures. I’m choosing the not-so-perfect post. I want to be relatable (to some extent because I’m very conscious that my lifestyle is different than others). I may not inspire many, but if I can at least make one person smile or encourage someone, it’s worth it.

    I’ll do my best to show the most of the real me. It’s a promise I’m making myself… and to you.

  • I was never one who would buy tons of hair stuff. Occasionally, I would try something new – because it’s fun, right?!

    So here are my favorite hair tools & products!

    I added in parentheses the year I started using them.


    • Avanti Ultra Flat Iron (2011)
    • GS 3-in-1 Curling Wand (2021)
    • Hot Tools Deep Waver (2021)


    • Denman D3 Original Styler 7 Row (2012)
    • Wet Brush Shower Detangler (2022)


    • L’Oréal Paris Shampoo & L’Oréal Paris Conditionner (2015)
    • Mixed Chicks Leave-in Conditionner (2021)
    • Cattier Paris Superfine Green Clay (late 2021)

    I haven’t listed any accessories because I’m still on the lookout for certain items (warning: it’s gonna take a while). I feel like I’m also switching things up, especially since having girls.

    Click here to see images of the items listed above on Instagram.

  • Determined, persistant, …

    – Dad

    Knows what she wants …

    – Mom

    You are an awesome girl Alexa, fun to be around, you have and like stylish stuff, great sense of humor and you are strongly opiniated.

    – Siblings

    Authentic, true to her convictions, a strong woman. A bit hard to approach, but when she’s on your side, she’s a jewel… She’s able to have fun when it’s time to and she’s able to put herself in retrospective – even when she’s wrong.

    – Husband

    I asked my family to describe me in one sentence, and these are the responses I got. I love it.

    I grew up with my parents and three siblings (one older sister, two younger brothers). We only moved once and we often traveled by car. We share so many memories – I can’t recount them all.

    Here are some more facts about me:

    • I’m 30 years old
    • Married since 2011
    • We have 2 daughters
    • My birthday is August 26th (if you read anything about Virgos… it’s probably 75-100% accurate)
    • I’m more of a wallflower than the life of the party
    • I mumble when I talk
    • If I had to choose 5 friends for a girls night, I’m going to have a hard time because I hate leaving people out (I blame it on being and feeling left out, myself)
    • I love to laugh, but I also love having deep conversations

    There’s so much more I could share, but I guess these are the basics. I’m still very far from being the person who I wish to be. But, I’ve learned to embrace who I am – by God’s grace.

  • Sunday’s been my favorite day of the week for as long as I can remember.

    Though, with the pandemic & the closing of our local church for a period of time – it’s been harder for me to keep this day as special as it’s intended to be.

    Here’s what we do to have the most relaxing Sunday possible.


    It varies every week, to be honest, we don’t always have a set schedule (it can vary).

    When we can, we attend our local church for our regular service. If not, we take some time for devotions, prayer, and/or worship… whatever we feel we need to clear our minds and feed our soul.


    This is one that I’m still having a hard time with myself. Online church services, Sunday School, our phones are often the primary source.

    For the kids, since they watch their fair share of movies and stuff during the week, they aren’t “allowed” to on Sunday.

    There are exceptions. If it’s a gloomy-weathered Sunday, if they are really whiny, or restless, they’ll sometimes watch a documentary or a Bible-inspired movie (usually after lunch, or later).

    3. EASY MENU

    Also-known-as Chicken Nugget Day. Every week, same meal, and the kids are always happy!

    For us parents, we usually get some take-out, or just cook a regular meal at home.


    If we run out of bread and milk, for example, we will make a trip to the grocery store (usually before or after supper). But if it can wait, it will wait.

    We try our best to do all our shopping during the week, to avoid having to go on Sunday.

    5. TAKE A NAP (or get some fresh air)

    Sadly, this dosen’t always happen… I’ll admit, there’s nothing better than a good Sunday afternoon nap!

    In the summer, we’ll sometimes go for a walk around the neighborhood, stopping at a park to let the kids burn some energy.

    During the winter, this happens much less. Getting the kids ready to go outside itself is pretty chaotic. Although, they are getting older – and it gets easier to get them dressed.

    That’s all, but I’d love to hear from you! What do you do to have a Slowdown Sunday?

  • Dear Journal, 
    Where to begin… I have so many questions right now. It’s late, I should be in bed sleeping. I know by the time I publish this, I’ll re-read this and think “Should I do this? Is this really going to make a difference and help somebody?” 

    When it comes to social media, I’m honestly not the best at it. I really want to find an outlet where I can be MYSELF, without comparison. A platform that’s MY OWN.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m inspired by sooo many people on social media, on a daily basis. It just feels like I’m missing something.

    I really want this blog to feel like a breath of fresh air. Spreading love, joy, peace, gentleness, goodness and faith. Making you smile. Finding solutions… To be a helping hand. And of course, me being the person who I am, I hesitate a thousand times and ask myself again “Should I do this?” 
    My answer to that is: “Well, why not? You won’t know unless you try”. 
    So I’m gonna try.